Romana Pharma Products

  • MentalForte 60 capsules
    National Pharmacy Code: 216763.6

    59.00 IVA INCLUIDO

    Helps with the use of all types of conditions related to anxiety, depression, and generally all those related to proper cognitive functioning.

  • NovaLiv 90 capsules
    National Pharmacy Code: 193445.1

    148.00 IVA INCLUIDO

    A nutraceutical compound free of toxicity and harmless, which, thanks to its composition, can assist and contribute to the proper functioning of our immune system.

  • NovaForte 90 capsules
    National Pharmacy Code: 193445.1

    90.00 IVA INCLUIDO

    Food supplement that can help in all antiviral processes as well as in the re-education of the immune system and help its normal functioning.