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Romana Pharma, 2002, S.L. is a company with years of work in the distribution and sale of food supplements, always of natural origin and linked to one of the leading laboratories in the manufacture of plant-based supplements.
Our bet goes through the perfect combination of plant extracts in their correct proportion and measure, added to a new and exclusive extraction system to process active principles.
We are a company committed to 100% natural products. Exclusive distributor in Spain of .
Our objective, apart from the distribution of these food supplements, is to inform about the great benefits they provide for the improvement of health and well-being, improving our defenses and helping the proper functioning of the immune system in the medical sector, providing doctors with all the studies and tests that exist on these supplements, so that they can help their patients.
We offer to all our clients a personalized attention and a close treatment.
Our team is formed by highly qualified personnel with extensive experience in the field of natural food supplements.