NovaLiv 90 capsules </br> National Pharmacy Code: 193445.1


NovaLiv 90 capsules
National Pharmacy Code: 193445.1

Nutritional supplement that may assist in the reeducation of the immune system and help its normal functioning. It helps maintain the patient’s strength and energy.

Warning: Mantener fuera del alcance de los niños y conservar en un lugar fresco y seco.  No superar la dosis recomendada por el prescriptor. Conservar en temperatura ambiente, entre 15ºC y 30ºC protegido de la humedad.

*The information on our website is for informational purposes only and cannot be considered a substitute for medical prescription, diagnosis, or treatment. The results of nutritional supplements may vary depending on the individual, and the time to obtain the indicated benefits will depend on each case.

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